Roshonoline and Tynka Admin

Sweet Candies are Nice to eat,Sweet words are easy to say,but sweet people are hard to find.
— unknown

Hi Guys!I'm AusllyGirl the founder of this wiki and also part of the AusllyandRauraShippers and Cupcake Wiki administration.I speak English (Fluently),Vietnamese,and I'm currently taking spanish.I'm a huge Tynka,Roshonoline,Auslly,and Raura Shipper.I also ship Spendy but I'm not super crazy about it as I am about the couples I mentioned.I loveFashion,Singing,Acting,Playing Tennis and Volleyball,and hanging out with my friends.The first Wiki I joined was AustinandAlly Wiki.I learned how to change the background color of pages,font color,multiple tabs,tabbers,font styles and most of it came from my good friend Red.

Auslly collage pic