Did you Know...Edit

  • Caroline Sunshine's middle name is Allison.                                
  • Roshon Fegan's middle name is Bernard.
  • They both are in the music business and both are an Actress/Actor.
  • They performed a new song together called "After Party"
  • They are good friends and know about us Tynka Shippers.
  • Caroline Sunshine was asked to prom.
  • Caroline Sunshine and Laura Marano are very good friends.
  • Caroline's favorite Shake it up episode they filmed was "Add it up".
  • Roshon appeared on Season 14 of "Dancing with the stars".
  • Caroline supported Roshon on "Dancing with the Stars" on "Classical Night".
  • They love to perform.
  • Caroline was born on September 5th,1995.
  • Caroline studied ballet at the age of 3.
  • Caroline landed her first role in " Amazing Allysen Commercial for Go-Gurt when she was 11.
  • Tinka her Character and Gunther, was inspired by the twin duo Sharpay and Ryan Evans.
  • Caroline starred in the hit film "Marmaduke" playing "Barbara Winslow".
  • Caroline used to be a brunette.
  • Caroline's brith sign is "Virgo".
  • She has two brothers, John and Christopher.
  • Roshon was born on October 6,1991
  • Roshon attended Hollywood High School as a magnet student
  • Roshon was in the movies Spiderman 2 ,Camp Rock, and Camp Rock2
  • In real life,Caroline doesn't have the Accent she uses when playing "Tinka" on the show.