This is a page that can help you with things that you need to know and learn how to use wiki features.If this page does not even help,Please contact our Admins .

   Changing the font colors of text on the wikiEdit

  1. Pressing the edit button on a page you want, go to the top right corner of the page that says "Visual" and "Source" and switch to source mode.
  2. Once you have changed to source mode,type in on top of the text you want to change the color of.Using this Color Code Page,Copy and paste the code in the" hex code" column and paste it onto between the font code between the = and >.
  3. Once finshed,Press the preview to see how the text would look like and if satisfied, publish it.If not and if you are having difficulty,please contact an admin.

Changing the Background Color of a pageEdit

  1. Press the edit button on a page you want to change the background of and switch to source mode as instructed in the segment above.
  2. Use this color code website to choose your color.
  3. When chosen click on the color and scroll down till it says "Background Color" and copy and paste the code starting with div and ends with ;">
  4. Ignore the div content here and paste the code above the whole page on source mode.