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Hi! Welcome to Roshonline and Tynka Wiki! This Wiki is very friendly and if you have any questions? Don't be afraid to ask us. AusllyGirl/TynkaGirl is the founder of the wiki and is glad to make good changes to make this wiki great.We hope you have a enjoy going on this wiki.Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I edit a page?

A: You can edit a page but going up to the upper left corner of the page and press "edit".If you cannot edit it,it means that you either have to be an admistrator or you have to sign in to your account.

Q: How can I add a poll?

A: It's simple.First you switch to "Source Mode and then use this link and copy and paste the example code to the document in source mode and then fill it out with your content.Additional Information is in the link.

Q:Why do people get blocked?

A: People who post irrelevant commments,use bad language or people violating the wiki guidelines are blocked so others can be safe on the internet.

Q:How do I Change the text color?

A:You type in this code exactly and use the color code you want between the # and > usiing this color page 

Q: How do I change the color of the background?

A: Type in the code exactly
You put the color code you want between the # sign and ; (Use this website for help </font>

Note:If a question you have is not in the frequently asked questions,Please contact admins for help by going on to their message walls.