Ty Blue is the outgoing,confident,and popular character that is Rocky Blue's brother.He dances and is the 

Ty Blue
Ty blue
Vital statistics
Position Cast Member
Age 21
Status Student and Host of Shake it up Chicago
Physical attributes
Height 5 "8"
Weight 155 lbs
current host of Shake it up Chicago in season 3.It is confirmed that he will date one of the charcaters in season 3 and is the fans specualte he will most likely date Tinka.

Tinka Edit

Ty has asked Tinka to go out on a date after being paid to go out with her wit
Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 3.45.02 PM
h Tinka replying yes.They enjoyed the date together.After the date,Ty apologized for taking the money and said he would give it back.Tinka said the date was "Perfect" and gave him a kiss on the cheek.In Future it up they had a conversation about both of them not getting married and on with their lives.Ty asked Tinka something but only to be interrupted by a phone call from is "future boss" Flynn.When Flynn called the first time,Tinka took Ty's phone and put it on a plate by a server so they could talk longer acting like she was in love with him.

Rocky Edit

Rocky and Ty are siblings but don't usually get along.Rocky sometimes asks Ty som
Blue family rocky and ty

The "Blue Family".

e favors such as being Tinka's Partner for an audition and to be a third dance member in the talent show act in season 1.

Cece             Edit

Cece and ty

Rock and Roll It up


Ty and deuce