Yes Ty, I do think I have met the right guy, I just didn't know it at the time.
— Tinka in Future it up
Relationship Information
Between: Ty Blue

Tinka Hessenheffer

Status: Frenemies

Dated once Crushes Future spouses

First Interaction: Give It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Roshon Fegan

Caroline Sunshine

Cast Ship: Rosholine
Tynka is the show pairing of Ty Blue and Tinka Hessenheffer. They both were just "frenemies" at one point until Ty was paid to go out on a date with Tinka and surprisingly enjoyed it. After the date, he apologized for taking the money and said he would return it. Tinka was asked out to go on another date with him but she replied "She's in sequins" and "He's in Denim". They both remained "Crushes and Friends". Ty was Tinka's dance partner for the audition and later later they hugged hearing the good news that they were in Shake it up Chicago. In future it up, the two met and realized that they are a perfect match but both did not know it at the time until Ty asked Tinka to marry him, Tinka replied "I'd Love to!". It is confirmed that in season 3, Ty will date one of the main cast characters and most likely will be Tinka.

Possible Tynka Names

  • Tinty                                                                                          
    Add it up
Add it up 14

They look like they were about to kiss <3

  • Tiny
  • Hessenheblue                 
  • Tynka Bluesenheffer
  • Tytink
  • Tinya
  • Tyka
  • Tinkty
  • Tint

Ty Blue

Ty is in the main cast and protrayed by Roshon Fegan and the oldest sibling to his sister Rocky Blue. He is very confident and sometimes dances with his "Swag" and confidence. In, Add it up, it is revealed that he asked Tinka out and described her as a "Wackjob with Good Hair."

Tinka Hessenheffer

Tinka Hessenheffer is a foreign exchange student who is very confident in her very awkward yet stunning fashion. Her country is unknown but she is also a twin of "Gunther Hessenheffer".  She enjoys dancing and is a current dancer of "Shake it up Chicago". In add it up, she kissed Ty on the cheek which may be a hint of Tynka.

Tynka Moments

  • Ty asked Tinka out on a date                                                         
    Tinka i do it up look

    Tinka's Horrified look when Cece said she would kiss Ty in "I do it up".

  • Ty said that Tinka was a "Wackjob" with good hair.
  • Tinka admitted to Ty that it was a perfect date.
  • They danced together and enjoyed the date.
  • Ty seemed happy when he mistakenly though Tinka was his secret admirer.
  • Ty wanted to go out on another date with Tinka.
  • Ty and Tinka chose to dance togther for the re-audition for the spot on Shake it up chicago.
  • In "I do it up",When Cece stated she kissed Ty and was about to,Tinka had a horrified and disgusted look on her face probably meaning jealousy.
  • Ty and Tinka hugged each other tightly when Tinka was in the show.
  • Ty and Tinka played Table Tennis together.
  • In Future it up,Ty asked Tinka to marry him and she replied yes.
  • Ty and Tinka has feelings for each other and had a conversation about marriage.
  • Ty tried hiding his huge stomach when he saw Tinka.
  • They were holding hands.
  • Tinka was feeding Ty a Donut.
  • Ty cared about Tinka enough to not listen to his boss Flynn when he was about to propose to Tinka.

Tynka Episodes

  • Add it up
  • Give it up
  • Camp it up
  • I do it up
  • Ty it up
  • Future it up
  • Age it up
  • Stress It up
  • Loyal It up
  • Oui Oui It up
  • My Bitter Sweet 16 It Up
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You-Me-date Saturday Night
— Ty to Tinka in Add it up
I mean,I thought I was pretty in High School, I didn't know you did.
— Tinka to Ty in Future it up
Yes Ty,I do think I have met the right guy,I just didn't know it at the time.
— Tinka in Future it up
20 years and You look Pretty as ever.
— Ty to Tinka in Future it up
Wow...You look not ridiculous!
— Ty to Tinka in Add it up
I still can't believe you're not married
— Ty to Tinka in Future it up
You don't know what your missing
— Deuce to Ty (Talking about Tinka)
So...Tinka.Me and You this weekend,I'm thinking about dinner and a show
— Ty to Tinka in Loyal It up
Oh Tinka,Drop the act.I know you gotta thing for me.Ty To Tinka in Loyal It Up
— {{{2}}}


  • They Both have a strong passion for dance.
  • They are both confident.
  • They are both enjoyed the date they shared.
  • They wanted to go on another date.
  • They are both on "Shake it up Chicago"


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