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Fans on End of Shake it up

Shake it Up is the Hit Disney television Show, that attracted over 1 million fans and viewers when the Show aired.Recently, Disney has come to a decision to end Shake it up for numerous new television shows, causing drama with the fans. I have seen people's tweets on Twitter about Shake it up ending, mostly shock and confusion on why Disney had decided to cancel "Shake it up" filled the tweets while others are unhappy but are accepting the change. A group of Shake it up fans have decided to take matters into their own hands and protest to Disney about the end of "Shake it up", also known as "Renew Shake it up". The show's last episode has already aired but fans are not giving up, hoping Shake it up would be renewing or have a series episode the reunites the whole cast such as "Alex vs. Alex" in Wizards of Waverly place. Will that happen? We sure hope so, in the mean time, lets keep supporting Shake it up and following our the stars of the show.

"I'm sitting here crying while listening to Remember Me. I need Shake It Up back.
— AusllyRocking

Today my 5 year old cousin asked me why is there no new siu. I just froze."
— Imabookworm

"When I Emailed Disney They Never Replied Back But I'll Keep Emailing Until They Respond."
— Chelseakangaroo

"If SIU has a season 4, season 4 would have the most episodes maybe like 39 or 40 episodes, then I can also picture a season 5 with the headline "First Disney Channel Series to be renewed for a fifth season" with 30 episodes!!!!"
— Shake it up Ultimate Fan

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Final Shake it up hug.


What was your reaction after watching "Remember it up"?

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Shake It Up "Remember Me" (Final Episode) Season 3 Episode 26

Shake It Up "Remember Me" (Final Episode) Season 3 Episode 26